Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Monsoon in Manchikeri

It was a long pending trip to the Uttara Kannada (North Kanara) district of Karnataka. My crave for visiting this land of scenic beauty during monsoon was persistent. Thanks to the long weekend, a spontaneous plan of visiting this place during the peak monsoon became a reality. Without any second thought I took one more day off and set myself for a 4 day trip. There was no schedule decided and there was no plan on how to move around. On a beautiful Friday morning, the red bus dropped me off at Manchikeri. It was since a long time I visited a typical 'Malenad' house and we were fortunate enough to become painful guests for Ajith and his parents for 4 days. Ajith and my friend TS work together at ITC in Bangalore. And it was Ajith's recommendation that we visit his place. Manchikeri is 37 km away on the way to Yellapur from Sirsi. 

Since we had no specific plans for 4 days, we were free to go anywhere we wanted to. And we decided to not worry much about visiting all the places around and instead spend some quality time seeing some beautiful waterfalls. Uttara Kannada is the home for many such beautiful waterfalls, perennial rivers, moist deciduous forest and abundant flora/fauna. And over the next 4 days we got to see some stunning creations of nature. Thanks to Ajith and his friends, we even got to travel around on motorbikes. And not to mention the food at his place, it was a delightful Konkan feast on all 4 days. His mother took so much trouble and introduced us to some authentic Konkan dishes. I have to write a separate blog post altogether to explain all those mouthwatering stuff. 

Worrying about my camera equipment in the heavy rain, I could somehow managed to capture some photographs. It was a thrilling experience to visit all the places in-spite of the heavy rains. That even saved us from sighting too many humans as well. Here are some of the photographs:

Sathodi, Dabbe and Kanchin Gadde: 

We walked for about 6 km one way through the Kodasalli dam back waters to reach the Sathodi falls.
Sathodi falls in Yellapur taluk
Sathodi falls in peak monsoon
Kanchin Gadde falls near Sathodi
Dabbe Saal Falls near Sathodi
Chandaguli, Magod, Jenkal Gudda and Kavadi Kere:

Chandaguli Gante Ganapathi Temple
Misty woods at Magod
Magod falls during the peak monsoon
Bedthi river flowing at Magod powerfully!
Majjige hole falls near Magod
Kavadiamma temple on the banks of the 62 acres Kavadi kere.  
Yana, Vibhooti and Unchalli:

The historic limestone rocks at Yana

Gorgeous Vibhooti falls near Yana
Finally after waiting for 30 minutes, we could see the Unchalli falls. This is my second attempt  to see Unchalli in full flow. 
Sirsi and Sahasra linga 

A random water falls near Sirsi
Sahasra Linga. During monsoon only a few will be visible. 
 Some interesting flora and fauna:

Blue Oakleaf

Cup Fungi

It was a very tiring trip after a long time. Legs are full of leech bites and even now one hand is on key board and the other is scratching on my itchy legs. We were very lucky and thankful to get to meet Ajith and his family. Their hospitality was one of the best.

Talking about the developments and the tourism, all these beautiful places are being commercialized. There are neat roads till many of these destinations to which one can drive easily. Concrete structures are being erected amidst the woods. For a typical 'tourist' getting to see and enjoy in 'Nature' is becoming easier day-by-day. I had gone to Yana 8 years back (I think) and I had to trek for 6 km to reach the rocks. Now it is not even a 1km walk on a concrete road! Similarly access to Madod and Sathodi is very easy. People come in thousands to visit and at the same time they leave thousands of tons of garbage. Perhaps, many people have not yet realized that 'Nature looks beautiful only if it is left Natural'. Mind you, If any of you are travelling to all the above places after reading this blog post, you better be responsible and care for environment. 

Link to more pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/srikanthap/sets/72157627508883636/


Narasim said...

The photographs are a treat indeed.

The lonely tree on the vertical rock face is proof that life is capable of infinite surprises.

The inverted V of the Majjige Hole Falls is arresting in its beauty. There is rumour floating around that water from this Falls makes good beer. Is there any truth to the rumour?

Your ravings about the splendid food served up by Ajith's mom made me wonder whether you went to Sirsi and Yellapur to see natural beauty or to fatten yourself up for Autumn.

It is good to know that Ajith works in Bangalore. Maybe, next time he visits his parents he can bring some take out food with him to Kempapur.

Sudhi said...

Really beautiful ! and Great Photography!