Friday, September 30, 2011

a moon-lit dream

perhaps! that night was on of the best night's i've ever witnessed. I do have a lot of good nostalgic memories of some events in the past. But this one beat them all!

Rain was playing with me beautifully, everyday; making me forget everything else and enjoy its play. I was completely in a trance for those three days of my visit to the Kaas plateau. It was 10.00 pm on the Sunday night and was about to rain. I could feel each rain drop falling on my face had a story to tell me and to move me out of this world. And we were on the move. 

I had never seen such a beauty around me in the night and those Sahyadri slopes looked gorgeous in the night. Moon light was all over and the black shades overtook most of the moments; leaving the rain drops fall helplessly. The road wasn't straight but our direction looked right. Many toads on the road - a few jumping, a few waiting for us to go away, and some lying flat on the road. Many road kills; as many killer roads. We could hear calls everywhere, and we tried reaching them. We saw a lot of beauties and we were moving on to see more. 

As we moved on, the rain danced along. Within some time, we reached the woods and habitat drastically changed. It turned more humid and wilder by the distance. We saw couple of hares shying away from us. And some eyes that were blinking through the trees. It was a place more known for many mammal movements. We slowed down our bike after sighting him standing tall. On the road, staring straight into our eyes. The light made him notice us and he started coming towards us. As he approached we tried to bend down and escape. He flew away. A majestic Eurasian Eagle Owl appeared wilder in the night. It was a whew! moment for us. 

The night turned much wilder with the dramatic rain play over the woods. We stopped the bike again. And we noticed some mammal crossing the road and running into the paddy field. We searched with the torch light but we failed spotting it. We thought it was a Civet. (guess)

Finally we reached our destination for the day. An empty tourist bungalow welcomed us. There was no human in the bungalow. It was as silent as a valley. We started walking towards a small trail that goes into the woods. We saw some more frogs and we were not yet sighted any snakes. The place is supposed to be known more for Sloth Bear movements and I also heard some stories of their attacks as well. After all, it is their territory. So we had very less time to get out of that place. We climbed down for about 20 minutes into the valley and our torch lights were no effective because of the bright moon light. 

For the first time something happened to me. I stopped talking, I was completely blank to see what I was seeing. I thought It was a dream. I had to pinch myself to reassure that what I was seeing was real. Mouth wide open and eyes stuck with a sight; I witnessed something that I had not seen in my life. It was the moon-lit waterfall gorgeously flowing down into the valley. I got goosebumps looking at it. I had only 2 minutes to absorb the beauty in my eyes. I could not hear anything else other than my heartbeat and the wild roar of the waterfall. It never did notice our presence there. But we thought every frog, every small insect, every leaf of a tree were noticing our presence very much. 

(I was struggling to get a picture. It was a real test for me to prove myself that I have learnt some photography in the past. With what I was seeing around, I forgot how to take a picture. The picture i took may not be 1% justification of what I witnessed) 

What I saw was a moon-lit dream for sure!

Thoseghar waterfall under moon light. Photographed on 12th September, 2011 at 00:45 hours. 

With a beautiful dream captured in my eyes, with goosebumps all over my body, with an unbelievable expression on my face, I returned back to my room in Satara by 3 am. 

Thanks to Vishal Prasad who is based out of Satara and working towards conserving Kaas Plateau, for taking me to Thoseghar waterfalls in the night and giving me so much learning on the amphibians and reptiles. It was a thrilling night for sure. Vishal is a herpetology enthusiast and is also doing his research with BNHS. 



Narasim said...

It is good to know what made you stop talking. This will come in handy sometime.

Great photograph. It is astonishing that moonlight can make the waterfall look magical. God for you.

Aravind GJ said...

Nice photograph and equally good narration!!

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