Friday, September 16, 2011

kaas landscapes

Grass lands of Sahyadri hills at the half way to the kaas plateau

Lonely tree welcoming us to the kaas plateau. 

Nature enthusiasts enjoying their time at the kaas plateau
Yellow carpets of smithia giving a grand look to the lonely tree.

Beautiful sahyadri slopes at the kaas plateau
A forest guard carefully watches to ensure the flowers are not dis-respected.
White carpets of eriocaulon 
Pink carpets of Impatiens at the kaas plateau
Many varieties of flowers seen at the plateau. Blooming together smiling together. 
Pink carpets amidst the carvia plants
A time comes when all these carvia plants will be in bloom. Guess once in 7 or 9 years.
Gorgeous looking trees, a small pond amidst the impatiens flowers makes it a spectacular sight.
Sun play over the plateau 
Tiny water stream at the plateau cuts through the pink carpets. 

Sahyadri slopes overlooking the Urmodi dam.
Flat grass plateau and the yellow carpets here and there
Gorgeous tree at the kaas lake 

© Srikanth Parthasarathy
September 2011


Narasim said...

Great photographs. Thank you.

The Urmodi Dam reservoir with the Sahyadri slopes make the landscape appear like someone trasplanted the scene from Newzealand.

The carpet of flowers are wonderful.

It is sad to see a person keeping watch over the carpets. In a culture that claims to be environmentally sensitive, do we need to have such people? It would be nice if we took care of our environment ourselves. We should leave the culture of dominance to other people.

Kiran NS said...

Amazing place/photos. For some reason you aren't giving me a chance to join you. Is it intentional ;)

Srik said...

@Narasim: Thank you very much.

@Kiran: thanks so much. and, what a dialogue? :P Lets plan a trek soon!

Anil C said...

Superb pics! May be you can add a few lines describing the place. Where exactly is it?

Gayatri said...

Amazing Pics!

AjayKM said...

Awesome! keep it up your work. you are providing precious information to users.