Wednesday, October 12, 2011

they turned black and white

Yet another opportunity to see these beauties in nature. For the love I have for this scenic habitat, although it appears dry, it is a spectacular sight whenever I see a blackbuck. The majesty and the elegance with which they observe you, perhaps! stare at you for staring at it is what makes me touched! Although I colored myself through my eyes seeing these heavenly creatures, I turned absolutely black and white. Some of the jewels I sighted on the day can never go off my memory!

Jayamangali Blackbuck Sanctuary - beautiful dry habitat

Huge tree and the mountains of Madhugiri at the back drop

Acacia flowers in bloom

A female blackbuck running alone

Long tailed shrike on sitting on a acacia tree

Green bee-eater 

Long tailed shrike 

Blister beetle and a flower

A tree up to the sky

Beautiful dry leaves

it turned black and white

flowers of grass or the leaves of grass?

flying away from the honey!

Two robberflies(?) at play

Black and white - Yellow pansy 

A female blackbuck

A male blackbuck running alone

they paired together this time

oh! let me jump away from you!

Staring at you! Elegance personified

Whenever they notice someone around, they stare at you making a good pose!

A male blackbuck trying to escape from my sight

It was a rare sight for me to see two of them play or fight! 

I absolutely love the way they look! A majestic male blackbuck!

(C) Srikanth Parthasarathy

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Narasim said...

Great black and white photographs.

The staring deer is wonderful because it is asking: what are you doing here?