Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple at Nandi

The Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple in Nandi village is one of the oldest temples in Karnataka dating back to the ninth century. The temple hewn out of rock consists of two complexes. While the first complex houses three deities, the second complex consists of a huge and majestic kalyani pond. The foundation of the temple was constructed by the Banas of ninth century. The Chola rulers of the 11th century constructed the roof of the temple. The marriage hall was built by the Hoysalas in the thirteenth century and a wall of the second complex was built by the Vijayanagar kings. (Source)

Recently during a friend's wedding, I could click some photographs of this temple.

The wheels made of stones. In the past these were used for the chariots I guess.

It takes skill to create gods. Certainly!
And when they are created...

Wonder who was in need of these stone made umbrellas. Carvings are just wonderful.

The stone made umbrella inside the main temple.

The top of the umbrella.

Ugra Narasimha on one of the pillars.

Pillars and Colors.

Pillars inside the main temple of Bhoga Nandeeshwara.

A mantap at the north-west corner of the 1st complex.

Snake gods and the red hibiscus.

Pillars at the marriage hall complex

Entry to the huge Kalyani

Mantap inside the huge marriage hall.

The gorgeous kalyani

Pillars and the reflection

Illumination in sleep

from here to eternity

Angles and Shadows

 (C) Srikanth Parthasarathy, 2011
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Narasim said...

Great black and white photographs.

The photographs do justice to the heritage at Nandi. Light and shadow effects have created a wonderful contrast.

The mantap in whole is just great. The kalyani pics are wonderful.

Teamgsquare said...

Nice perspective of the heritage of Nandi .

MEROPS said...

Beautiful pics! I love that temple. One of my cousin got married there too! :)

Kishan P said...

Awesome pics!

Anonymous said...

Super pics Srikant.. Will make it a point to visit this place in the near future. Very informative write-up.

Aarthi Ilangovan said...

Dear sir

We are planning to have a wedding next year at this temple.
We would like to know the procedure for obtaining permission for the same.

Could you please inquire the same with your friends and email me back.

Jaiz said...

I would like to know the same details