Thursday, December 29, 2011

Its Fungi

It was sometime in October 2011, I went for a evening walk to embrace the last showers of monsoon in Bangalore. It was a beautiful evening and the moon was hiding behind the dark clouds. The rate at which I was walking was slower than the darkness taking over that evening. When I was walking back to my place, I noticed an unusual friend sprouted over a Bauhinia tree. It was barely visible and the buildings around the tree let some light on it allowing me to get a glimpse of what it is. I was awestruck and I think for the first time in 4 years or 5 years I witnessed this interesting fellow on the tree. I soon got curious and decided to come back the next morning.

I woke up to the early sun, took my lens and hit the road. It had poured throughout the night and the roads were very wet. I was also worried if the rain caused any damage to what I had seen in the night. I started looking around for the same surprise on all the trees along the road. I did not succeed in spotting it on any other tree. 

I reached the place and the tree looked wonderful. The house owner was sweeping in front of the gate and started at me for a while. I ignored her presence and was observing the beauty in front of my eyes. After a while an old woman came out of the house. She was curious to know what this stranger-with-a-camera is doing at the tree. Then she instantly realized what it was. I guessed not many people stop for such things anyway. I told her "Ajji... this thing here looked interesting in the night and hence I came to see it". She said "that is very nice of you to come back to see it" "its beautiful" she said. I told her that "this is the first time I am noticing it in the past 4 years". She told me that its there since 2 months. I took her permission to capture some photographs.  I was very careful and I did not cause any damage to them. Thanks to the BNHS field botany course that am doing currently, am getting curious about every little thing I see in nature. It was interesting to speak to that ajji as well. Even now she smiles at me whenever I walk in front of her house. 

Its Fungi!  (I do not know the ID yet)

2011, Srikanth Parthasarathy


Anonymous said...

Adorable snapshots and curious lady’s conversation are indeed capturing the mind of the readers. I have a surprise souvenir for all in my blog for your consideration. God Bless You.

Narasim said...

The meaning of life lies in finding meaning in life.

All of us miss the wonder that is so lavishly spread before our eyes. Delighted that you found the mushrooms.

It is Ajjis of this world who will wake us all up to environmental appreciation. Living as part of our habitat is one field where India can easily excel given its cultural values. Maybe the day is not far off.

Great pics.

sumitra said...

Lovely pictures. I've never seen any like this before. Keep noticing unique stuff and sharing them here :)