Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the ordinary world

Excerpt from the book Feynman's Rainbow by Leonard Mlodinow

Don't think it is so different, being a scientist. The average person is not so far away from a scientist. He may be far away from an artist or poet or something, but I doubt that too. I think in the normal common sense of everyday life that there is a lot of the kind of thinking that scientists do. Everyone puts together in ordinary life certain things to come to conclusions about the ordinary world. They make things that weren't there, such as drawings, such as writing, such as scientific theories. Is there something common in the process? I don't see such a big difference between that and the scientist's work. 

For instance, an ordinary person can lie, and lying takes a certain imagination. And you have to make up a story that is sort of reasonable with nature, and it might even have to fit with certain facts. Sometimes they do a good job. They don't have to be scientists or writers.

-Feynman to Leonard -

Well, there is a lot more an ordinary person can perform. All of us are ordinary in someway or the other. All it takes is to be and make! (SV's saying)


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