Wednesday, January 11, 2012

atoms with curiosity

Excerpt from the book The Meaning of It All by Richard P. Feynman

It is a great adventure to contemplate the universe, beyond man, to contemplate what it would be like without man, as it was in a great part of its long history and as it is in a great majority of places. When this objective is finally attained, and the mystery and majesty of matter are fully appreciated, to then turn the objective eye back on man viewed as matter, to view life as part of this universal mystery of greatest depth, is to sense an experience which is very rare, and very exciting. It usually ends in laughter and a delight in the futility of trying to understand what this atom in the universe is, this thing - atoms with curiosity - that looks at itself and wonders why it wonders. 

Well, I'm one of those atoms with curiosity. I'm deep somewhere in the game somebody designed and trying to think where am I or what am I really doing here?  Mysteriously wondering in awe.


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