Saturday, April 28, 2012

being wrong

Excerpt from the book "The Element" by Sir Ken Robinson

When they are very young, kids aren't particularly worried about being wrong. If they aren't sure what to do in a particular situation, they'll just have a go at it and see how things turn out. This is not to suggest that being wrong is the same thing as being creative. Sometimes being wrong is just being wrong. What is true is that if you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original.

And how many of us do not worry about being wrong? People tend to move themselves in the comfort of looking good or hiding behind their own faces most of the times. How do we expect something original to happen if such is the case. And we never realize that we were not like this during our childhood. We used have so much confidence and courage that every act would end up a brave act. Now we chicken out fearing for being wrong.


finding element

Excerpt from the book "The Element" by Sir Ken Robinson

Being in our element depends on finding our own distinctive talents and passions. Why haven't most people found this? One of the most important reasons is that most people have a very limited conception of their own natural capacities. 

The first limitation is in our understanding of the range of our capacities. We are all born with extraordinary powers of imagination, intelligence, feeling, intuition, spirituality, and of physical and sensory awareness. For the most part, we use only a fraction of these powers, and some not at all. Many people have not found their Element because they don't understand their own powers. 

The second limitation is in our understanding of how all these capacities relate to each other holistically. For the most part, we think that our minds, our bodies, and our feelings and relationships with others operate independent of each other, like separate systems. Many people have not found their Element because they don't understand their true organic nature. 

The third limitation is in our understanding of how much potential we have for growth and change. For the most part, people seem to think that life is linear, that our capacities declines as we grow older. and that opportunities we have missed are gone for ever. Many people have not found their Element because they don't understand their constant potential for renewal. 


Oh well! I absolutely loved the above descriptions of our limitations. It is absolutely clear that the major factor for everyone is education. At the same time the limited view of our own capacities can be compounded by many other factors as well.


knowing what you are

Excerpt from the book "The Element" by Sir Ken Robinson

I believe passionately that we are all born with tremendous natural capacities, and that we lose touch with many of them as we spend more time in the world. Ironically, one of the main reasons this happens is education. The result is that too many people never connect with their true talents and therefore don't know what they're really capable of achieving. 


I remember during my 3rd standard or the 4th, we were asked a question 'What is it that you want to become in life?' and all of us in our class had variety of answers. I remember my answer clearly even now. I wanted to become a 'Scientist'. Now, comparing those variety of answers and seeing all my friends (who were my classmates), I can see hardly anyone followed his/her childhood dream or passion. There is a total disconnect between what one wanted to become and what one currently has become! And most of them are not liking their current status either. Forget 'me' becoming a scientist, am struggling hard to learn real science only now. That too because, I some how got into the habit of reading. Else, I would not even know whatever little I think I know.

"I was born intelligent, but education ruined me" - that we hear every now and then is not a joke for sure!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Summer rain

I stroll on a lonely street
accompanying the summered trees
that they are in bloom colorfully
and some stand tall to the sky
no signs of any bird, or a song
perhaps asleep at this hour long
thunder-lightning all around me
mud and rain, smelled into me
drop by drop turned me damp
and every step made me jump
am I lucky to feel it somehow?
that it ain't rained long for now
and that I miss a night star shine
ahoy! its the summer rain!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Summer in Sirsi

How often do you get a chance to witness Sunrise, Sunset, Moon rise and Moon set within just 24 hours? Perhaps, it was such a wonderful occasion during a road trip to Sirsi this summer. We started off our journey witnessing a breathtakingly beautiful Orange-Moon-Set. The orange moon dip very soon painted the beautiful colors of dawn followed by the sunrise. The flatter horizons towards the north gave a very different perspective to what was happening around. It was a musically colorful summer morning that set the right tune for the trip. And if one has to listen to varieties of mind blowing music, there is no choice but to travel with Ravee.

It does not take too long to realize that you are in the western-ghats region. Its just a matter of 3-4 hours drive from Bangalore towards north-west. At Haveri junction on the NH4, Swapna joined us from Mumbai and very soon, we were driving in the woods. When we start holding our necks up through the windows, we know we've entered the land of orchids. There's no joy in driving fast either. It has to be slow, like a walk; if not, you will miss all those wonders. We reached Ravee's home by 14:30, followed by a heavy scrumptious lunch and fun time with Ananya and her pets. We were to climb the small hillock near by to do some justice for the food we ate, but unfortunately, Ravee's brother drove us all the way up to the top of the hillock. 

The panoramic views from the top were absolutely spectacular and the habitat around was just great. We ate some fruits, witnessed some flora and had wonderful discussions. We could see the dense woods of western ghats all around us and the dusk was soon taking us over from the day into unimaginable evening colors. It was a double treat to witness the sunset followed by the gorgeous moon rise, bringing our day to a perfect closure. 

The next day we went to Muregaara falls to walk around the place.  We sighted many orchids and a lot of wild flora and fauna. For me it was absolutely a fun learning experience, that I was with my botany teacher and an orchid expert anyway! 

Cottonia peduncularis - Also known as Bee Orchid

Oberonia sp

Flowers of the tree Hopea ponga

Canscora diffusa

Pandanus sp

Vitex leucoxylon

Buds of Capparis rheedii

Male flower of Ochlandra Scriptoria (A bamboo species)

Gastrochilus sp

The last day of the trip we went around the beautiful Shivagange falls in Sirsi taluk. On the way we stopped at a lot of places to see the flora and took a lot of time to photograph some of them. By the time we reached the falls it was almost 14:00 and we had to climb down the steep valley for about 40 minutes to reach the waterfall. Waterfall was breathtaking and I was surprised to see so much water even during the summer. We witnessed a lot of fauna and huge Ficus trees on the way to the falls. I had not seen this place during my previous visit to Sirsi and hence it was all the more exciting for me. 

Green vine snake

Hump nosed pit viper 

Shivagange falls
Dendrobium crepidatum
Summer in Sirsi was absolutely fun and I learnt a great deal from Swapna and Ravee. Hopefully it will all be stored properly in my brain cells. Ananya and her pets were very entertaining, Ravee's place was magical and the food was scrumptious. Those discussions we had and the fun moments we spent reading books and reference materials were unforgettable. And wonderment never ends!

Zephyranthes candida
For more pictures visit my flickr set here.