Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Day in Gangtok

I just returned from a terrific trip to the north-eastern; huge valleys of Sikkim Himalayas. Gangtok city itself was a treat to watch with the backdrop of the mighty Kanchenjunga peak. Although weather did not permit us to see the mighty peak on most of the days, we could get a glimpse of it (luckily) on the last day. The following pictures were as viewed from our room at Hotel Mayur. We never got tired of looking through the window for this view all through the day. 

It gets brighter as early as 5 am

Sunny afternoon at Gangtok

Evening colors at Gangtok

Gangtok in the night

(click on the pictures to enlarge them)

Copyright 2012, Srikanth Parthasarathy


Narasim said...

Great photographs.

Did you take dawn, mid day, dusk, and night photographs from exactly the same spot using the same angle? If so, I would like to see them in sequence just the way you have these four.

The night photograph is spectacular.

Anush Shetty said...