Tuesday, May 29, 2012

North-Eastern Panorama

As always, what I do like capturing during my travels are some panoramic shots of the places I visit. So, even this time, I tried capturing some wide angled shots of the huge valleys of North-Eastern Himalayas. Those high altitude serene lakes of Sikkim Himalayas and the huge valleys of Kalimpong mesmerized me enough to capture  them as much as I enjoyed them seeing through my eyes. The only disappointment was that most of the time I had my macro lens ON to capture those beautiful orchids and I missed a lot on spectacular misty landscapes of Neora Valley National Park. Well, sometimes those disappointments are absolutely bearable. And those beautiful landscapes I witnessed through my eyes and could not enter my lens will remain in my eyes forever for sure. It was my dream to visit North-Eastern Himalayas and I've lived my dream for 10 days in my life. I treat it as my first installment towards a major commitment in the future! The following pictures may not even properly justify  the actual scenery, but you will definitely get a glimpse of them! 

Farming fields of Gangtok Valley. The view is looking west of Gangtok on the way to Ranka Monastery 

Gangtok town looking East

Gangtok town as seen from Hotel Mayur viewing West.

Gangtok valley in the night
A beautiful lake at 14000 ft near Baba Harbajan Mandir, East Sikkim. Its called Memencho lake or Kupup lake

The famous Chaangu lake or Tsongmo Lake at 12400 ft. East Sikkim

Tsongmo lake at 12400 ft. There were many beautiful Rhododendrons in bloom around the lake

Beautiful valleys of Darjeeling and Kalimpong. This view was on the way to Darjeeling.

(click on the photographs to enlarge them)

Copyright 2012, Srikanth Parthasarathy


Sudhi said...

Beautiful pictures!

Vaishnavi said...

Wow! Awesome!

Narasim said...

Terrific panoramic photographs.

Gangtok looking west is simply splendid. The mist in the distant horizon does it. Also, the light on the buildings nearby provide a great contrast to the view beyond the mist.

MEROPS said...

beautiful Srikanth!
Waiting to go to Sikkim ! :)

Unknown said...


beautiful pics.. thanks for sharing!

Sreelakshmi Makam said...

Mind blowing photos Srikanth as usual. We must consider now doing such trips with families :)

Am so much reminded of our Sarpass trek. but seems nowhere comparable!!! :)

Unknown said...

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