Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ferns from the Northeast

First thing that attracts me in a forest is a fern. I love seeing them in wild. For the way they are, they pull me towards them. Their beautiful leafy-greeny posture makes me wonder at them. Like how they make the whole habitat look beautiful, they make me feel very special when I'm strolling among them in the wild. And there are many species of ferns. Every new place I visit, I see different varieties of ferns.

Last month, for the first time I visited the beautiful mountain valleys of Northeast and felt heavenly being among those mountains for a short period of time. The highlight of my trip to those valleys was the visit to Neora Valley. It spreads over an area of 88 km² and is one of the richest biological zones in the entire Northeast. It is the land of the elegant Red Panda in the pristine undisturbed natural habitat with rugged inaccessible hilly terrain and rich diverse flora and fauna making this park an important wilderness zone. First thing that attracted me in this heavenly valley, was a fern. They were in all forms and sizes everywhere. They were the first sign of richness in the valley.

As much as I enjoy seeing ferns, I love photographing them as well. I only wish I could know more about them. Well, I'm getting there. Although I do not know their IDs, I did photograph some of them. Below are some of the beauties from the Neora Valley National Park.


The new frond of a tree fern unfurling 

Tree fern species

A beautiful moth on the fern

It was a very spongy feel to touch this fern leaf

the bigger sized (perhaps a tree fern?)

Copyright 2012, Srikanth Parthasarathy


Anonymous said...

Nice pics.. has a calming effect.

MEROPS said...

Good collection! Keep travelling & adding to this archive of ferns!

Narasim said...

The lush green of the leaves are magical.

The one I liked most, from a technical point of view, is the one where each leaf appears as if a delicate tailor or a hair stylist braided dots or knots on it.

By any chance, did you take a photograph of a linear stretch or a rectangular area of ferns? The area appear like a carpet.I remember from Bhadravathi. I do not mean a panoramic shot.

Great photographs.