Thursday, June 28, 2012

right side

time and again, I ask myself
is this the right side?
or am I on the wrong side
for what I neglect seeing things
the way they are and
be a part of it ignorantly
even if I do not want to,
I'm still the cause, yes, I am.
aint know how not to be one
for they keep exploiting nature
and make me a good friend.
while I become a friend myself
what has nature got to do with me?
by the time, I started caring for,
I already feel am losing it
a tree that I started admiring,
is already being cut
or a bird I started loving
is flying away from the planet
or an orchid I began to see
is already fast perishing.
I ask how not to be this
and to reach a point
where I don't feel guilty
and be free for what I love!


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