Thursday, June 14, 2012

social identity theory

Excerpt from the book The Element by Sir Ken Robinson

people often derive a large sense of who they are through affiliation with specific groups and tend to associate themselves closely with groups likely to boost their self-esteem. Sports teams makes fans feel as though they are part of a vast, powerful organization. This is especially true when the teams are winning. Look around at the end of any sports season, and you'll notice team jerseys of that season's champion sprouting all over the street, even in places far distant from the team's home city. Fans boast their affiliation with victorious teams much more loudly because at some level they believe that being associated in tangential way with such a team makes them look better. 

This is so true. We're just watching the French Open and the Euro for this season.

I guess the act of 'Looking Good' prevails.


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