Thursday, November 1, 2012

kas in monochrome

This is just an experiment to display Kaas landscapes in monochrome. I did not particularly shoot them for this effect but I selected those that may look good with this monochrome effect. Let me know what you think.

Smithia flower amidst the Senecio flowers

Rocks on the Sahyadri slopes overlooking the Satara City

Smithia hisruta - the mickey mouse flowers

A lonely tree on the yellow carpets of Smithia 

Acacia Tree on the plateau

Sahyadri slopes and the Urmodi Dam backwaters

The mass flowering of Impatiens flowers on the plateau

Bamnouli landscape

White flowers of Dipcadi montana amidst the Impatiens flowers

Eriocaulon flowers on the plateau

Utricularia flowers 

Shivsagar lake backwaters at Bamnouli village

Utricularia and Eriocaulon

Exacum flowers amidst the Eriocaulon

Macro shot of Eriocaulon flower

The trumphet flowers - Ramphicarpa

Pogostemon flowers

Murdannia simplex flower and the bee
(C) Srikanth Parthasarathy


Narasim said...

As usual, great pics.

The rocks on Sahyadri has a brooding effect.

MEROPS said...

So nice!
'Eriocoulon flowers on the plateau' is my super fav. from the bunch of pics! :)

Sudhi said...

Very nice and different photos !