Friday, April 26, 2013

always there

the day I first spoke to you
you never sounded like a stranger
you were the first person, rather
to make me feel happier 

you created a zone of comfort
not only that I wanted, but also
that I lacked when I joined here
you picked me up by making you hear

you called me during mornings
to ask me what’s going on
I happily answered your calls
and turned my good days on

I shared with you all that I did
of my crazy hikes or biking trips
you asked me if I really did what I did
including my half decent camera clicks

you empowered me to do more
and asked me to share with you more
you shared about it with your peers more
and made me meet people more and more

we met face to face on a fewer occasions
(precisely seven times in six years)
we’ve had hearty laughter on various things
and I always looked forward to such occasions

you always cared for your team
comforted us on many concerns
you were restless when something happened
and you ensured we’re all safe

I enjoyed listening to your stories
of your trips and vacations
I admired your thoughtfulness
of a wonderful life at large

I am amazed by what you are
a being in his wholeness
and people around you will always say
you’re always there…


Sunday, April 14, 2013

missing rollers

roller couple lived on a tree
displaying their bright blue colors
flying around here and there
at times on the tree, or on the wire

every time I see them, life was on a pause
I used to visit them very often,
and wait for their flight (a colorful sight)
pause for a while, and make my day

I knew them for five years
they hardly knew me, not anymore
many people stop there, but who cares
some see them or just pee, ignoring them

it was an interesting story, always
for me to tell visitors on my bike
they lived those moments, fully
knowing something new, worthy

once I stopped and tried calling them
they ignored me and just flew away
their world is different, perhaps
much better than mine

on a bright sunny summer day,
I noticed the roller was lonely
perhaps, its partner flew away
or something bad happened?

I visited again after a long time,
waited for the bird for sometime,
tree was lonely, so was the wire,
I had to moved on without any luck

no luck for me since several visits
I return sad without seeing them
no idea where they've gone
or where they're living

or not?
they're missing for sure!


roller is a bird ~ it is called as Indian Roller

Saturday, April 13, 2013

holding breath

tis' that moment, when time stands still
just before the big day, I eagerly await

taking over the task, surely tough enough
of all the hard work, in an endless search

restless mind, a recalled experience
empowered within, with an eye outside

recovering from the lull, clouds turned white
to open the door, when the chance knocked

jiff of happiness, writing the future notes
freezing on the sigh, a big day in anticipation

as it gets closer, there strikes a long pause
fixing me in void, without a plan but to wait

tis' that moment, when time stands still!


Friday, April 12, 2013

letter from a little boy

I received a letter from a little boy today
just as good to make my wonderful day
the letter was folded, so was the message
I opened it with much curiosity, and wonder!

as I read the letter, my eyes turned wet
not that it had a picture of a flower in it
or the paper was reused, the way I like it
but also it had a nice little story to be told

I liked the way the boy had written it,
thanking me for a book I gifted him to read
all the letters appeared to be dancing
each had a story, unfolded in style

I am moved by the letter today, really
and I cant thank the boy enough
for touching me with his cute act of
eagerness, to read more stories, of course!