Friday, April 26, 2013

always there

the day I first spoke to you
you never sounded like a stranger
you were the first person, rather
to make me feel happier 

you created a zone of comfort
not only that I wanted, but also
that I lacked when I joined here
you picked me up by making you hear

you called me during mornings
to ask me what’s going on
I happily answered your calls
and turned my good days on

I shared with you all that I did
of my crazy hikes or biking trips
you asked me if I really did what I did
including my half decent camera clicks

you empowered me to do more
and asked me to share with you more
you shared about it with your peers more
and made me meet people more and more

we met face to face on a fewer occasions
(precisely seven times in six years)
we’ve had hearty laughter on various things
and I always looked forward to such occasions

you always cared for your team
comforted us on many concerns
you were restless when something happened
and you ensured we’re all safe

I enjoyed listening to your stories
of your trips and vacations
I admired your thoughtfulness
of a wonderful life at large

I am amazed by what you are
a being in his wholeness
and people around you will always say
you’re always there…


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