Sunday, April 14, 2013

missing rollers

roller couple lived on a tree
displaying their bright blue colors
flying around here and there
at times on the tree, or on the wire

every time I see them, life was on a pause
I used to visit them very often,
and wait for their flight (a colorful sight)
pause for a while, and make my day

I knew them for five years
they hardly knew me, not anymore
many people stop there, but who cares
some see them or just pee, ignoring them

it was an interesting story, always
for me to tell visitors on my bike
they lived those moments, fully
knowing something new, worthy

once I stopped and tried calling them
they ignored me and just flew away
their world is different, perhaps
much better than mine

on a bright sunny summer day,
I noticed the roller was lonely
perhaps, its partner flew away
or something bad happened?

I visited again after a long time,
waited for the bird for sometime,
tree was lonely, so was the wire,
I had to moved on without any luck

no luck for me since several visits
I return sad without seeing them
no idea where they've gone
or where they're living

or not?
they're missing for sure!


roller is a bird ~ it is called as Indian Roller

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