Friday, May 17, 2013


Excerpt from the book The Wayfinders by Wade Davis

Imagine for a moment what these journeys entailed. The sailors traveled in open catamarans, all built with tools made from coral, stone, and human bone. Their sails were woven from pandanus, the planking sewn together with cordage spun from coconut fibre; cracks were sealed with breadfruit sap and resins. Exposed to the elements, the sun by day, the cold wind by night, with hunger and thirst as constant companions, these people crossed thousands of kilometers of ocean, discovering hundreds of new lands, some the size of small continents, others mere island atolls less than a kilometer in diameter with no landmarks higher than a coconut tree.


I wonder what drove them for such discoveries? Why did they go? Why would anyone risk his or her life to leave their place and head into a void? 

I guess they liked doing that. They were in flow. Prestige, curiosity, a spirit of adventure and many such! 


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