Thursday, June 27, 2013

associatively coherent

Excerpt from the book Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Each element is connected, and each supports and strengthens the others. The word evokes memories, which evoke emotions, which in turn evoke facial expressions and other reactions, such as a general tensing up and an avoidance tendency. The facial expression and the avoidance motion intensify the feelings to which they are linked, and the feelings in turn reinforce compatible ideas. All this happens quickly and all at once, yielding a self-reinforcing pattern of cognitive, emotional, and physical responses that is both diverse and integrated - it has been called associatively coherent

Well, I go through this most of the time during my daily bus journey to office. I read something and I get into this mode of thinking (associative thinking?). Two words (at times even one word) can trigger the whole process and I can feel am going through many changes in within a few seconds. Its a very interesting phenomenon and after reading this chapter 'The associative machine', its even more interesting!

Like what they (Cognitive Scientists) say: You think with your body, not only with your brain.


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