Thursday, June 13, 2013

dance of creation

Excerpt from the book The Wayfinders by Wade Davis.

A moment begins with nothing. A man or a woman walks, and from emptiness emerge the songs, the musical embodiment of reality, the cosmic melodies that give the world its character. The songs create vibrations that take shape. Dancing brings definition to forms, and the objects of the phenomenological realm appear: trees, rocks, streams, all of them physical evidence of the Dreaming. Should the rituals stop, the voices fall silent, all would be lost. Everything on earth is held together by Songlines, everything is subordinate to the Dreaming, which is constant but ever changing. Every landmark is wedded to a memory of its origins, and yet always being born. Every animal and object resonates with the pulse of an ancient event, while still being dreamed into being. The world as it exists is perfect, though constantly in the process of being formed. The land is encoded with everything that has ever been, everything that ever will be, in every dimension of reality.To walk the land is to engage in a constant act of affirmation, an endless dance of creation. 


I read this paragraph at least 4 times this morning. It is a great feel to read about the life and beliefs of aborigines.  They are complete, connected and content with Nature.

Sigh... its an endless dance of creation. 


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