Sunday, June 2, 2013

of experiments and elephant attacks

Ah! there were some interesting visitors at the farm on Friday. They were so playful that the veggie patch we had created became their good mattress to sleep, roll and snore.

well, more fun to watch!
Cheers :)

A corner of the farm pond leveled by elephants climb

Veggie (corn) patch mattress 

those big foot steps, playing in the tomato and brinjal patch


They walked around this patch

Some flowers to smile

Some colorful guests to admire

Organic one

Now they are enjoying rains

Well, elephant visits will be beneficial too!

Elephants poo

Brinjal patch

The white one

flowers are nice too!

1 comment:

Narasim said...

Great Photographs.

I was under the impression that you had dog an Elephant Barrier in the form of a deep ditch 10 m deep and 2 m wide.

It appears as though the elephants know how to bypass such obstacles.

Too bad that they trampled on some good vegetable plants and slept over them.