Friday, August 23, 2013

A Saturday at CHERE

It has now become very normal for all of us to spend time at our clinic regularly once a month. At least during VIMS Specialy Clinic, all of us make it a point to visit the clinic and help our staff wherever required. Of course KTF does most of the work and we assist them if they want us to or else we just help directing the patients to the right rooms allocated for different specializations. I always look forward for third Saturdays and love spending time at the clinic. 

Now that we have a nice kitchen garden being managed by Chandramma, my first visit will be to checkout whats new in the garden. As always there will be some new vine or new plant that attracts my attention and some discussion follows on that. It is always a very happy sight and it makes my day. I am also happy that Chandramma is taking care of them very well. Now that we have started growing some greens and veggies, even monkeys have started visiting our garden and eat most of the stuff we've grown.

While we all wait for VIMS doctors to arrive, we get a lot of time to discuss with our staff, KTF folks and drink our morning tea. Once doctors arrive, they get into their respective rooms as per our Sister Kavitha's instructions and begin their work. One of us will manage registrations and some of us will start sending patients to the right specialists. Most of the villagers have gotten used to our camps and the way it functions, so they come, register their name and stand in the queue on their own. We have even stopped managing the queue like the way we used to in the early days. 

I notice a lot of regular patients coming without fail and getting their ailments treated. Some come with pain and some with a lot of stories. In any case, they have a place now to walk in. I feel good to see them coming and availing the services meant for them. They know that it is their own clinic and they wait for the doctors to come. Whenever there is a delay in starting the camp on time, I feel bad for the patients who wait. Most of them wait till the doctors arrive and will never go back without seeing them. Perhaps, they do not have any other option left, they do not want to go any other clinic in the city which is far away. They have an option right at their door step and they make sure they avail the service meant for them. 

During our seventh VIMS specialty clinic happened on 17th of this month, it was about time we close the registration, one guy walked into the clinic. He was limping a bit, came inside and rested on a chair in the clinic lobby. Sister Kavitha was busy distributing medicines inside and the lobby was almost empty as it was almost closing time. I was just observing him for a while. He looked for my assistance in the reception, I asked him about his problem. He said he wants to talk to the orthopedic surgeon. He knew the specializations for the day and hence he came to talk to the concerned doctor. I called the doctor to see him and help. He started explaining the doctor on what exactly had happened to his leg. He told him, it was a minor accident happened a week back and he had immediately visited our clinic without any delay. He consulted our general physician Dr. Karthick who visits our clinic every day and Karthick suggested him what needs to be done and had prescribed medication. He said "I followed everything that Karthick sir told me and I am out of pain now". I asked him so if everything is fine and the wound is healing, what is the purpose of his visit? He answered, "No, today is Orthopedic day, so I thought I should show the status of my wound and tell what happened to the specialist so that if there are any complications I can treat it immediately. I have followed everything that Karthick sir has told me, so please tell me if the wound is ok and will not create any problem to the bone inside". Ortho surgeon smiled, asked him a few questions and told him he is absolutely fine. He suggested him to get it dressed - one last time. And the guy responded saying "you are closing now, I will come back in the evening and get it dressed. Anyway I am from the same village".

That made my day! 


PS: CHERE is Canadia Health Education and Rural Empowerment. 

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