Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Monsooned Valleys of Malenadu

Here are some panoramic shots of the valleys of the North-West Karnataka I visited during this monsoon.

River stream near Burude Falls

Beautiful sight of river cutting through the woods during the peak monsoon

Bhedti river in full flow this monsoon at the Magod Falls

Huge valleys of Magod where Bhedti river falls beautifully 

Panoramic view of valleys seen from Jenkal Gudda.  And Bhedti river cutting through them.

Magnificent Dudhsagar Falls 

Continuation of the Dudhsagar water fall. Mandovi river flowing into the valley.

Railway track cutting through the valleys between Dudhsagar and Castle Rock.

A lone Darter bird sitting peacefully and enjoying the rain 

Blue-scapes of  Kavadi kere. A beautiful lake spread across 62 acres near Yellapur


Manjunath Byadigere said...

Wonderful snaps Srik...
Waiting for some more great pics.

Narasim Katary said...

Dear Srikanth,

You have captured nature's beauty at its best. Was nature in Malnad all dolled up to go to a banquet at the Vijaynagar Palace? It looks like that to me.

The fourth down is absolutely superlative. If my memory serves me right, we used a similar photograph of Magod in our 2012 greetings card. I am afraid, my memory could be all wrong.

The misty falls photograph near the bottom is magical. That is what I used to experience in Bhadravathi on the banks of Bhadra River.

Very sincerely yours,


Gajanan hegde said...

Nice photos. Magod is superb...!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely!! :) Nothing like the Monsoons!!

- Manju

Unknown said...

Awesome snaps of Malnad as usual from you. The huge falls of Magod is brilliant! also the blue shade of Kavadi kere... superb captures. Indicates that I have lost touch of Malnad. Need to plan for a trek.