Thursday, September 26, 2013

BOATany class in Konkan

No, this was not a dream. I had not even imagined to listen to the botany class sitting in a boat. But it happened. For the first time, on a hot weekend afternoon I realized that I was actually sitting in a boat and listening to the botany class. It was a great feeling and a great learning of course on Mangroves and their diversity around the Konkan coast. Thanks to my botany teacher and a good friend Swapna Prabhu who is working on conserving mangroves across the Konkan coast for organizing this field trip and taking us through amazing plant diversity in and around Ratnagiri. And thanks to my Field Botany Course with Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), I am getting to learn a thing or two. Here are some panoramic photographs from my recent field botany camp to Ratnagiri and around.

Ratnagiri beach

scared places and sacred groves

Mucky waters with piercing barnacles to walk on

On the way to the creek

Swapna Prabhu talking about mangroves
Two boat full of enthusiastic botany students

the coast

Rocky Plateaus

Flower carpets on the Plateaus

cloud play over the plateaus


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RG said...

What a concept - BOATany class trip! Superb photos, Srik.