Friday, February 7, 2014

Night star and the frozen zanskar

Night 10 pm and the temperature was almost -12 C, I fixed my camera on a tripod and opened the shutter for a great length of 30 minutes. I was visualizing the star trails behind the two mountains and the white ice on the Zanskar river with our tents in the frame! and it was not a dream! Here is the result!? Darn! the lens cap was ON!

Well, after making a fool of myself in the unfriendly conditions of the frozen zanskar river trek, the thin air allowed me to recover myself instantly from my dumb act of closing the lens cap while I shot the long exposure photograph of the valley in the midnight when the temperature was -12C. The spirit of taking my first start trails photograph did not allow me to get demotivated and get into my hillman tent but enabled me to wait for another 30 minutes long for a photograph that made my day and night and my dumbness worth the wait. So folks, here is a photograph that I visualized while I kept my lens cap ON, the two hills with the frozen zanskar river and the star trails behind including our tents in the frame. Well, it was worth all the shiver that went into my nerves on that night! worth for sure! 



Azam said...

Great shot! Keep up the good work

Narasim said...

Thank you for the two night time photographs.

The first one with the lens cap on captures your frozen condition in a brilliant manner. Kudos.

The second one is magical. I kept looking at it to see any faint hint of night light but could not find it. The gold coloured hills are evocative.

The stream of stars in the background made me think of episodes of star trek when the space ship goes on Warp Drive.

Anonymous said...

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