Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Zanskar - Frozen in Monotones

Although I love the colors of blue sky, brown-gold lit walls of the Zanskar valley, white ice and blue-green clear waters of the river, the landscape looks completely magical and gives a new meaning when they are seen in monotones. Presenting here some of the photographs that I liked to view them in the shades of grey.

(click on the photographs for a better and wider view)

At Tilat Sumdo

Chadar at Tilat Sumdo

First light at Tilat Sumdo

Chadar on the way to Shingra Koma

Chadar formation on the corners of gushing Zanskar

Chadar seen from the cliffs

Thick sheet of ice breaking and flipping

Huge gorges formed of sedimentary rocky layers

Chadar getting exposed to the hard sun

Icicles floating away while chadar on the corners gets narrowed

Frozen waterfalls and its territories

Mighty waterfall at Nerak frozen in its state

A lone juniper tree welcomes trekkers to the Nerak village

Reflections on Zanskar

Star shines on the gorge 

Icicles floating away and getting cornered to form chadar

Looking through the shade on to the shining valleys 

Glow behind the valleys and shade freezes the rest

Tiny at its feet and frozen by the wind

While the reflections shine away the gorgeous zanskar
For colored photographs, kindly follow this link here



sajana said...

Simply Superb!!!!!!!

Vidya S said...

Tumba adhbuta patagalu!!!!

Narasim said...

Sagar V. says it best. Even with my limited knowledge of Kannada, I can understand what he is trying to say.

The "Black and White" set of photographs highlight the contrasting beauty at its best.

The one that is simply splendid is the one with the caption "On the Way to Shingra Koma". As you say, it captures several shades of grey very effectively.

Wonder if it is possible to pair the "Black and White" with the " colour pics to bring out contrasting wonder.