Friday, August 15, 2014


It was a very humid morning when I started from home yesterday to give invitations to the guests attending our NGO's camp - Free Health Camp for Differently Abled - happening this weekend. My first visit was to invite Ms. Pavithra Y.S, CEO of Vindhya eInfomedia. I had spoken to Ms Pavithra early in the morning and because she was traveling, she asked me to drop off the invitation at her office. Also it was a chance for me to visit her place and witness the kind of work they do. 

I troubled one of the senior person who was coordinating with me in her absence to make sure I get the route map to their office right. After 2-3 calls, I finally reached the building and parked my bullet in the parking area. As I reached the reception I started observing a lot of different things that gave me very positive energy. As I took my visitor pass and reached the 2nd floor reception, I opened the door and I was welcomed into the office. The person who welcomed me looked very confident, dynamic and a well trained person to take care of the guests. I was so moved by the welcome that I did not for a moment think that the person was disabled. He was differently abled. It is just that he did not have both his hands. I think that was the most inspiring moment and the most inspiring welcome I got till now in my life. I just came out of the building and cried.

Vindhya eInfomedia is into IT Enabled Services company based out of Bangalore and gives employment to differently abled people. They are an inspiration!

More power to them.


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Narasim said...

Dear Srikanth,

Thank you for your heartfelt blog. It is deeply moving.

In 2013 January I was lucky to visit the place and write an very brief essay to Pavithra and Ashok. It follows.

Farewell To A Sacred Firm

In Loving Memory of a Profoundly Moving Experience at the Contemporary Tirtha, the Crossing Over Place, of Industrializing India.

Tirtha means literally a "river ford", a crossing over place made sacred by association with a saint or noble works or deity. A tirtha can be secular or religious. Vindhya E-infomedia is a tirtha in a dual sense. It is the place where people have crossed over their limitations to lead a productive life. It is also a place where a saint or a tiny group of saints have sanctified the place through their act of will by enabling others to cross over.

Pilgrimage or tirthayatra is an act of devotion to pay homage to those performing noble works. I have come to this place in that spirit. I have bathed (snana) in your hospitality. I have circumambulated (pradakshina) the plant. I have made a silent offering to the people here in the Advaitic maha vakya sense sarvam khalvidam Brahma. I have carried out a rite of passage of my own. I have listened to the discourse on the creation of this temple of human ingenuity.

My pilgrimage is complete. As a farewell it is only proper to express my heartfelt thanks and profound gratitude for the opportunity that all of you have given me to fulfil my vow of having a darshan of divinity in you all.

May you all live long and prosper in doing what you are doing.

Narasim Katary
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
2013 January 17, Thursday