Monday, February 23, 2015

Dodda Mavalli Katte | Neralu 2015

This year's Neralu had some of the coolest activities spanned across many places in Bengaluru for 3 full days. I think it was a brilliant effort to reach out to places where it matters the most. Like Dodda Mavalli Katte, M N Krishna Rao Park, NGMA and Bal Bhavan.

Dodda Mavalli Katte was a great discovery for me. The place is full of life ~ Trees and People. As the golden rays of early morning sun strikes the big bright beautiful branches of the ficus trees, the whole place gets illuminated; and in no time the place gets crowded with many vendors and people visiting to pray the tree goddess (Peepul Tree) and the snake stones. It is their belief system that protects these huge ficus trees at this place and the same belief that people think they are being protected as well! So, to celebrate trees, have tree based conversations, and to spread the joy of celebrating trees as part of Neralu 2015, this place was just perfect!

Here are some photographs I took at Dodda Mavalli Katte:  (click on the photograph to enlarge them)

Dodda Mavalli Katte and the Maramma Temple

Trees smeared with golden rays of early morning sun

Livelihood under the trees

Many fruit and flower vendors fill this place with colors

Dodda Mavalli Katte - Snake Stones

Many people visit this place to pray for the trees and the snake stones

Peepul Tree (Arali Mara)

Belief that protects trees and vice versa

Ficus and the snake stones

Neralu under the Neralu of huge trees


Unknown said...

My heart fills with joy whenever I encounter such humble and honest efforts such as this to conserve environment and where there is no personal agenda being served of anyone. Pure "Karma yoga"!
Kudos to the Neralu team.

Soumya said...

Lovely to see these old trees. But a bit sad to see the extensive tiling at the location - which will surely reduce ground water percolation and choke the trees in the longer run. Has Neralu considered this issue?

Unknown said...

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