Friday, July 15, 2016

Wider scapes of Har-Ki-Dun and Ruinsara Valley

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Sankri - the base camp for many treks in Gharwal himalayas

Taluka - starting point of the trek

Somewhere around the village Seema

The bridge that connects Seema and Oslo villages

The valley enroute Har-Ki-Dun

Har-Ki-Dun peak during Sunrise

Har-Ki-Dun campsite

Valley enroute Har-Ki-Dun to Rain Basera

Valley enroute Rain Basera to Ruinsara

The log hut near Ruinsara Tal

The beautiful Ruinsara Tal and our campsite (3500m)

The ridge that separates Ruinsara Tal and the River

Ruinsara Tal

Campsite and Ruinsara Tal

Enroute Odari - the coldest campsite

Enroute Odari and the Swargarohini peak (4300m)

Mighty and Majestic Swargarohini

View of Bali Pass Summit (4700m)

At the Summit

Bali Pass Summit (4700m)

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Beautiful pictures, can only imagine how stunning it must be in real. Very helpful post for those looking for adventure, will definitely consider it when deciding on a vacation!