Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wider scapes of Meruti!

A long journey started some years ago, came to a beautiful end this time. Thanks to all the beautiful people around and a bit of luck on my part to witness the magic! Here are some panoramic photographs from Meruti and around.

Altitude of the peak is around 1600m and one can see Kalasa to the South, Billal Koppa to the north, And Neral Katte, Bikarana Katte and Basri Katte to the North East.

(Click on the photographs to enlarge them)

Those pink wild flowers are orchids - Satyrium nepalense 

Peak was always hidden in the clouds

Cloud play - open on one side and closed on the other

View from the peak

Beautiful coffee estate and old malenad house we stayed

Kyatanamakki - A place once known for naxals

Kallu Gopura near Kogare

Mural on the rock 

Our last place of stay in Basrikatte 


Kerry Schultz said...

Such an exotic sights! These mountain ranges looks really thrilling and epic!! Glad you got a chance to spend time there. Hoping to share more of your experience!

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