Tuesday, October 1, 2019

BU 4.4.7 - A man of desire

Excerpt from the book 'Upanishads' - A new translation by Patrick Olivelle

Brhadaranyaka Upanishad 

A man resolves in accordance with his desire, acts in accordance with his resolve, and turns out to be in accordance with his action. 

      A man who's attached goes with his action,
        to that very place to which
        his mind and character cling.
      Reaching the end of his action,
        of whatever he has done in this world - 
      From that world he returns
        back to this world,
        back to action.

'That is the course of a man who desires.
'Now, a man who does not desire - who is without desires, who is freed from desires, whose desires are fulfilled, whose only desire is the self - his vital functions (prana) do not depart. Brahman he is, and to brahman he goes. 

      When they all are banished,
        those desires lurking in one's heart;
      Then a mortal becomes immortal,
        and attains brahman in this world. 


A man turns into something good by good action and into something bad by bad action.